Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gully/McVittie marriage

The marriage took place 3 September 2005, at Edinburgh, between James Ian Mackenzie Gully (b. 1975), elder son of the Hon. (James) Edward Hugh Grey Gully (b. 1945)and Mrs Fiona Margaret Gully, of Argyll, and Alice Louise McVittie, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs Malcolm McVittie, of West Lothian.
James Gully is a grandson paternally of Lieut-Cdr the 3rd Viscount Selby, RNR (1911-59); a nephew of the 4th Viscount (1942-2001), and a cousin of the 5th Viscount (1967-2001), and a cousin once removed of the 6th Viscount (b. 1993).

Source: Daily Telegraph 10 September 2005


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