Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cave-Brown-Cave/Eastaugh engagement

The engagement was announced in September, 2005, between Courtney Peter Cave-Brown-Cave (b. 1961), scion of the Cave-Brown-Cave Baronets, second son of Anthony Cave-Browne-Cave, DSO (b. 1925) of Whettleton, Shropshire, by his wife, the former Dinah Anne Mitchell; and Katie E.S. Eastaugh, daughter of the late Rt. Rev. John Richard Gordon Eastaugh, sometime Bishopof Hereford, and of Mrs John Eastaugh, of Kingsland, Herefordshire, nee Bridget Nicola, daughter of Sir William Hugh Stobart Chance, Kt (scion of the Chance Baronets), by his wife the former Cynthia May Baker-Cresswell (of that BLG family).

Source: The Times, 9 September 2005


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