Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hon. Elspet Shelley Rix

The Hon. (Elspet) Shelley Rix, who has died , at the age of 53, was the eldest child of the Baron Rix, CBE (b. 27 Jan, 1924), the President of MENCAP, life peer, and former actor as Brian Rix, by his wife, the actress _Elspet Gray_, daughter of James MacGregor-Gray, of Surrey.
Shelley Rix, who suffered from Down's Syndrome, was born at Westminster Hospital, London, 3 Dec, 1951. her siblings are, (1) the Hon. James, (2) the Hon. Jonathan, and (3) the Hon. Louisa Rix.
His daughter's disability inspired Brian Rix to begin his extraordinary campaign for the disabled. He became secretary-general of MENCAP in 1981 and Chairman in 1988. He is now the President.
The funeral took place 8 August, 2005.

Source: Mail on Sunday 14 Aug 2005

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