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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jasper Guy D'Oyly Acloque

_. Keziah Acloque (nee Kelsey), wife of Alexander John Sebastian Acloque (born 1978), descended from the Barons Howard De Walden (Peerage of England, cr 1597), gave birth to a son, Jasper Guy D'Oyly, 27 April, 2013. Alexander Acloque is the only son of the late Guy Acloque by his wife the former Camilla Anne Bronwen Scott-Ellis (b 1 Apr 1947), now of Alderley, Gloucestershire, fourth daughter of the late John Osmael Scott-Ellis, 9th Baron Howard de Walden (1912-99), by his 1st wife the former Countess Irene Harrach (d 1975). Kezia Acloque is a daughter of Mr Alan Kelsey, of London, and Mrs Sarah Kelsey, of Chelsworth, Suffolk. -=-

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