Monday, December 16, 2019

Simon Miles Rivett-Carnac 1966-2019

_, Simon Miles Rivett-Carnac, who has taken his own life, aged 53, was a scion of the Rivett-Carnac baronets, and heir presumptive to the baronetcy.

He was born 10 February, 1966, second son of Sir Miles Rivett-Carnac, 9th Baronet [1933-2009], of Martyr Worthy Manor, Winchester, by his wife the former April Sally Villar.

Simon's sister is Lulu Guinness, the handbag designer. His elder brother, Sir Jonathan, the 10th baronet, is married with a daughter.

Simon Rivett-Carnac married Sarah Petrie in 1994, and was father of two sons, Tom and Geordie. The elder son, Tom Alexander Miles Rivett-Carnac, born 5 April, 1996, is now heir to the baronetcy created in 1836.


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