Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sasha Raphael Phoenix Tritton [born 2019]

_. Pandora India Nicola Tritton [born 6 March, 1987, nee Sykes], descended from the Barons Buxton of Alsa, wife of Oliver Seymour Tritton [born 1985], gave birth to a son, Sasha Raphael Phoenix, 16 December, 2019, a brotjer for Zadie Grace Valentine, who was born 1 March, 2018.

Pandora is a daughter of Adrian William Guy Sykes by his wife the former Hon Nicola Mary Caroline Buxton [born 7 July, 1947], daughter of the life peer Baron Buxton of Alsa [1918-2009].

Pandora is descended maternally from the Birkin baronets.


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