Tuesday, December 10, 2019


_. The engagement was announced 10 December, 2019, between James Robert [Jamie] Loder [born 22 July, 1981], son of the late Capt Simon John Loder [1932-2002], by his second wife the former Penelope Anne Mary Mander [born 22 Sept, 1946], of Melbury Osmond, scion of the Mander baronets, & Georgina E.C. Haszlakiewicz, daughter of Mr Mark Haszlakiewicz, of Goodworth Clatford, and the late Mrs Haszlakiewicz.

Jamie Loder is descended paternally from the Flemings of Nettlebed [of which James Bond author Ian Fleming was a scion], the Barons Wyfold, and Earls of Stradbroke.

Jamie is a grandson maternally of Sir Charles Mander, 3rd Baronet [1921-2006].


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