Friday, February 08, 2019

Felix Amager Naylor-Leyland (born 2019)

_.Alice Naylor-Leyland (nee Dawson) wife of Thomas Philip (Tom) Naylor-Leyland (born 1982) scion of the Naylor-Leyland baronets, gave birth to a son, Felix Amager, 24 January, 2019, a brother for William (b 2012) and for Nancy (b 2015).

Thomas  is the son and heir of Sir Philip Vyvian NAYLOR-LEYLAND 4th Bt (b 1953) and Lady Isabella LAMBTON (b 1956, gd of 5th Earl of DURHAM (1884-1970)). 

Tom wed in 2011 Alice Moffat Amager d of Paul DAWSON of Cologny, Geneva. 


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