Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Viscount Lymington to marry Flora Pownall

_. The engagement was announced 22 March, 2016, between Oliver Henry Rufus Wallop, styled Viscount Lymington (born 22 Dec, 1981), scion of the Earls of Portsmouth (Earl, GB, cr 1743), only son and heir of the 10th Earl of Portsmouth (b 25 July, 1954), of Farleigh Wallop, Hampshire, by his first wife, the former Candida Frances Juliet McWilliam (now Mrs Candida Dinshaw, of Edinburgh), & Flora GracePownall (born 1981), second daughter of Mr George H. Pownall (born 1943), of London, by his wife the former Elfreda M. Wadsworth.


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