Friday, June 26, 2015

(Daniel) Patrick Macnee 1922-2015

The actor Patrick Macnee, who died 25 June, 2015, aged 93, was the suave and dapper 'Steed' in The Avengers.

Daniel Patrick Macnee was born 6 Feb, 1922, son of Daniel Macnee (c1877-1955), by his wife the former Dorothea Henry (1898-1984).  Dorothea was the daughter of Frances Hastings (1870-1945), a granddaughter of the 11th Earl of Huntingdon (1779-1828).

Macnee was a second cousin of the actor David Niven ~ both must have inherited the "suave" gene.

Macnee was three times wed; 1stly (1942) (div) to Barbara Douglas, 2ndly, in 1965, to Katherine Woodville (b  c1938), actress (div), and 3rdly, in 1988, to Baba Majos de Nagyzsenye (died 2007).

He is survived by a son and a daughter from his 1st marriage.


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