Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lady Charlotte Mabel Ellesmere Egerton (born 2015)

_.The Marchioness of Stafford (nee Barbara R. Schneider), wife of James Granville Egerton, styled Marquis of Stafford (b. 1975), gave birth to a fourth daughter, Lady Charlotte Mabel Ellesmere Egerton, 26 March, 2015, a sister for Lady Isabelle, who was b 10 Dec, 2007, and for Lady Louisa, who was b 7 Jan 2010, and for Lady Violet, who was b 11 Nov, 2011.

The Marquis of Stafford is the elder son of the 7th Duke of Sutherland (b. 18 Feb, 1940), by his wife the former Victoria Mary Williams (descended from the Barons Addington), and the Marchioness of Stafford is a daughter of Dr Graham and Dr Ilse Schneider, of Vienna, Austria.


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