Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Kidd/Tyser marriage

_. The marriage took place 24 February, 2015, in St Vincent, between Jack Edward Kidd (b 1973), of Barbados, descended from the Barons Beaverbrook, son of John Edward Aitken Kidd, by his wife the former Wendy Madeline Hodge (b 1941), scion of the Hodge baronets (Bt, UK, cr 1921), & Miss Rosie B. Tyser.

Jack's grandmother, the Hon. Janet Aitken (dau of the 1st Baron Beaverbrook), was the wife, between 1927 and 1934, of Ian Douglas Campbell, later 11th Duke of Argyll. Before settling on Jack's grandfather, Maj. Thomas Kidd, Janet's second husband was the Hon. William Montagu, son of the 9th Earl of Sandwich.

Jack's sister is the Marchioness of Douro, wife of the Duke of Wellington's heir.


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