Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ilsa Chandos-Pole (died 2014)

_. Ilsa Jill Chandos-Pole, who died 12 December, 2014, aged 100, was the widow of the late Maj John Walkelyne Chandos-Pole (b 4 Nov, 1913), sometime head of the Chandos-Pole landed family, of Radbourne Hall, Kirk Langley, Derbyshire. She was Ilsa Jill Barstz, daughter of Emil Ernst Barstz, of Zurich, and married Maj Chandos-Pole, 19 March, 1947. She had two children, son Peter Sacheverell, born 21 Feb, died 22 Feb, 1949, and a daughter, (Margaret) Anne, born 20 Nov, 1952. She is survived by her daughter, Annie, and two grandchildren, Edward and Charlie. The funeral takes place at St Andrew's Church, Radbourne, Derbys, 7 January, 2015.


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