Saturday, December 14, 2013

Warren/Stewart wedding

_.The marriage took place at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, 14 December, 2013, between Jakie James (Jake) Warren (born 1986), elder son of Mr John Frederick Rufus Warren by his wife the former Lady Carolyn Penelope Herbert (b 1962) scion of the Earls of Carnarvon (Earl, GB 1793), & Miss Zoe Inez Stewart (b 23 Dec, 1983), scion of the Earls of Galloway (Earl, Scot. 1623) younger daughter of Mr Andrew Clyde Stewart (b 13 Mar 1949) heir presumptive to the Earldom, by his wife the former Sara Pollock. Jake Warren is a godson of the late Diana Princess of Wales. -=-

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