Tuesday, December 10, 2013

3rd Baron Noel-Buxton 1940-2013

_.The Lord Noel-Buxton, 3rd Baron in the Peerage of the UK (cr 1930), died 1 December, 2013. He was 72. Martin Connal Buxton, later Noel-Buxton, was born 8 Dec, 1940, son of the 2nd Baron (1917-80) by his 1st wife, the former Helen Nancy Connal (who d 1949); succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 14 July, 1980; married thrice, firstly, 21 July, 1964 (div 1968) Miranda Mary Chisenhale-Marsh (1944-79), scion of that landed family; married 2ndly, 1972 (div 1982), Sarah Margaret Surridge Barrett; and thirdly, 1986, Mrs Abigail Marie Granger. He leaves issue from his second and third marriages. The title passes to the son of his 2nd marriage, the Hon Charles Connal Noel-Buxton, who was born 17 Apr, 1975. The funeral Service is at St Thomas's Church, Upshire, Essex, 19 December, 2013. -=-

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