Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Daughter for Rollo & Kathryn Wigan

_. Kathryn Sarah Wigan (born 1981, nee Allsopp), scion of the Barons Hindlip, & wife of Rollo Wigan,  scion of the landed family of Wigan of Drewitts, gave birth to a daughter, 24 Jan, 2013.

Rollo is the youngest son of Mr Michael Christian Wigan (born 1945), head of the family, of Chelsea, London, SW3, by his former wife Mrs John Loudon (nee Eugenie Mary Felicity Cadbury, b 1948), scion of the confectionary dynasty, of Pusey, Oxfordshire.

Kathryn Wigan is the eldest daughter of the Hon John and Mrs Allsopp, of Wadwick, Hampshire, and is a granddaughter of the 5th Baron Hindlip (Peerage of the UK, cr 1886).


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