Saturday, February 02, 2013

Arthur James Russell

_.Henrietta Elizabeth Anne Russell (born 10 Oct 1983, nee Cator), wife of William S. Russell, gave birth to a son, Arthur James, 27 January, 2013.

William Russell is the elder son of Mr & Mrs Dudley Russell, of Norcote, Gloucestershire, & Henrietta, scion of that landed family of Woodbastwick, Norfolk, is 1st dau of Henry Greville Cator (b 26
Mar 1956), of Salhouse, Norfolk, by his wife the former Sara Elizabeth Keeling (b 6 Jul 1954), a granddaughter maternally of Sir John Hanbury-Williams (1892-1965), by his wife the former Princess Zenaida Cantacuzene, a daughter of Maj.-Gen. Prince Michael Michaelovich Cantacuzene, 2nd Count Speransky and Julia Dent Grant, eldest grandchild of US President Ulysses S. Grant.

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