Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indiana Alice Ferguson Davie

_.Catherine Louise (Bunny) Ferguson Davie (b 1979, nee Turner), wife of Charles John Ferguson-Davie (b. 1978), gave birth to a daughter, Indiana Alice, 20 May, 2012. Charles Ferguson-Davie is a scion of the Ferguson-Davie Baronets (cr.1847), eldest son of Julian Anthony Ferguson Davie (b. 1950), of Church Enstone, Oxfordshire, and Mrs Ferguson-Davie, & Catherine is a cion of the Barons Netherthorpe (cr.1959), and a daughter of the Hon. (Philip Noel) Nigel Turner (b. 1949), of Helions Bumpstead, Suffolk, and Mrs Annie Turner (nee Anne Rachel Brown), of Heythrop, Oxfordshire. 


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