Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hon William Hay

Clare C. Hay, styled Viscountess Dupplin, wife of Charles William
Harley Hay, M.A., styled Viscount Dupplin, (b. 20 December, 1962),
gave birth to a 1st son, William Hay, born 24 June, 2011, a brother
for the Hon Alice Hay, the Hon Catriona, & the Hon Auriol Hay.

Visc Dupplin is the only son and heir of the 15th Earl of Kinnoull,
and the former Gay Ann Lowson, and the Viscountess is the daughter of
His Honour William Hamilton Raymund Crawford, Q.C., (His Honour Judge
Crawford, a Circuit Judge since 1986), and Mrs William Crawford, (nee
Marilyn Jean Colville), of Dalgonar, Dumfriesshire. Lord Dupplin is a
barrister; director of Hiscox Underwriting, Ltd, since 1995; was
Associate, Credit Suisse First Boston Ltd, 1985-88; Underwriter,
Roberts & Hiscox, then Hiscox Syndicates Ltd, 1990-95. Lieutenant,
Atholl Highlanders, since 1993; Chairman of the Royal Caledonian Ball,
since 1996.


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