Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20th Lord Dunsany (1939-2011)

__.The 20th Baron Dunsany, painter & designer, died 24 May, 2011. He was 71. Edward John Carlos Plunkett was born 10 Sept, 1939, son of the 19th Baron by his 1st spouse, Mrs Vera Bryce (former wife of John Felix Charles Ivar Bryce), yst. dau. of Col Genesio de Sa Sottomaior, of San Paulo, Brazil; succeeded to the peerage (Ireland 1439) on the demise of his father, 6 Feb, 1999; married 1982 Maria Alice Villela de Carvalho, by whom he had issue. The ancient peerage now devolves upon his Lordship's elder son, Randal Plunkett, b 9 Mar, 1983.


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