Monday, February 08, 2010

Bullock-Webster/Tar engagement

_The engagement was announced 27 January 2010 between Captain James
Richard H.L. Bullock-Webster, Irish Guards,. (b 1981)—only son of
Lieutenant Colonel Robin James Stirling Bullock-Webster (b 1944), of
South Kensington, by his wife the former Maria Della BuenaƱo, &
Lucinda Jane Tar (b 1981), younger daughter of Major (Leslie)
Christopher Tar, of Compton, Devon, by his wife the former Jacqueline

Capt Bullock-Webster's mother married 1stly 1971, the 6th Earl Cowley
(1946-75), who collapsed and died suddenly whilst playing squash at
the age of 29. Maria Countess Cowley married Lt-Col Robin Bullock-
Webster in 1980. Capt B-W has 2 half-sisters, Lady Alexia Wellesley, b
1973, and Lady Caroline Wellesley b 1976 (posthumously).


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