Saturday, February 22, 2020

de Zulueta/Hardinge engagement

The engagement was announced 22 February, 2020, between Sebastian Philip William de Zulueta [born 1990], descended from the Barons Windlesham, son of Francis Philip Harold de Zulueta [born 10 Feb, 1959], of Wandsworth, London, by his wife the former Pandora Jeffreys, and Annabella Kate Hardinge [born 1992], daughter of Mr Mark T. Hardinge and Mrs Hania Hardinge [nee Gaworzewska], both of Pimlico, London.

Sebastian de Zulueta'z grandfather, Sir Philip de Zulueta [1925-89], served as private secretary to three prime ministers, Eden, Macmillan and Douglas-Home. Sir Philip married the Hon Marie Louise Hennessy [born 1930], daughter of the 2nd Baron Windlesham [1903-62].


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