Monday, December 31, 2018

Henry Douglas Hungerford Compton, styled Baron Wilmington [born 2018]

Emilia Jasmine G. Compton, styled Countess Compton [born 1979], wife of Daniel Bingham Compton, styled Earl Compton [born 16 January, 1973], gave birth in 2018 to a son and heir, Henry Douglas Hungerford, styled Baron Wilmington.

Countess Compton is a daughter of [John] Patrick Hungerford, by his wife the former Gabriele Bagusat.

Earl Compton is the son and heir of the 7th Marquess of Northampton [born 2 Apr, 1946], of Castle Ashby and Compton Wynyates, by the first of his six wives, Baroness Henriette Luisa Maria Bentinck.

Henry is Lord Compton's third child. He has two daughters, Lady Anastasia and Lady Theodora, from his first marriage in 2001, to [Elizabeth] Lucy Cardozo, daughter of Lieutenant-Col Benedict Cardozo.


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