Wednesday, December 27, 2017

James Cecil Seager Warman (born 2017)

_. Susanna Maud Warman (born 25 March, 1981, nee Joicey-Cecil), scion of the Marquesses of Exeter, wife of Jake M.G.S. Warman, gave birth to a son, James Cecil Seager, 26 December, 2017.

Jake Warman is the son of Mr Alister S. Warman, of London, & Mrs Mary Anne Guthrie-Warman (nee Mary Anne Guthrie), of Vancouver, Canada.

Susanna Warman is the second daughter of James David Edward Joicey-Cecil (b 24 Sept, 1946), of Milton Abbas, Dorset, by his wife the former Jane Susanna Brydon Adeley.
Susanna Warman is a kinswoman of Her Majesty the Queen. Her grandfather, Edward Wilfred George Joicey-Cecil, married 1945, Rosemary Luisa Bowes Lyon (1915-89), a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, daughter of Capt the Hon Fergus Bowes Lyon (1889-1915), a brother of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.


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