Monday, January 09, 2017

Grace Countess of Dudley (d 2016)

_. Grace Countess of Dudley,who died 29 December, 2016, was the third wife and widow of the 3rd Earl of Dudley (1894-1969).

She was the former Grace Maria Kolin, dau of Dr Michael Kolin, of Dubrovnik, and married (1) Prince Stanislas Radziwill, and (2), 17 July, 1961, as his third wife, Eric, Earl of Dudley, a great friend of King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor). Her 2nd husband died 26 Dec, 1969.

Lady Dudley leaves a son from her first marriage, Prince John Radziwill.

The funeral takes place at the Church of Sacre-Coeur in Ouchy, Lausanne, on Wednesday 4 January, 2017.


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