Sunday, August 14, 2016

Princess Eugenie to marry Jack Brooksbank

The Brooksbank arms ...
_. The Sunday Express (Aug 14 2016) states that the engagement will shortly be announced between Mr Jack Christopher S(tamp) Brooksbank (b 1986), scion of the Brooksbank baronets, elder son of Mr George Edward Hugh Brooksbank (b 8 Feb 1949), by his wife the former Nicola J Newton (b 1953), & HRH Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York (b 23 Mar, 1990), younger daughter of HRH The Duke of York, KG (b 1960), by his former wife the former Sarah Margaret Ferguson, scion of the Fergusons of Dummer.
Eugenie and Jack are closely related ~ Jack is descended from the Coke Earls of Leicester, as is Sarah Duchess of York.
The Brooksbanks were seated at Healaugh Manor, near Tadcaster, for centuries, and at Newton House, Whitby.


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