Friday, March 18, 2016

Lord Hay engaged to Clementine Travis

_. The engagement was announced 18 March, 2016, between Harry Thomas William Hay, styled Lord Hay (b 8 Aug, 1984), son and heir of the 24th Earl of Erroll (b 22 Apr, 1948), (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1452), Hereditary Lord High Constable of Scotland, of Woodbury Hall, Bedfordshire, by his wife the former Isabelle Jacqueline Laline Astell Hohler, of that landed gentry family, & Clementine Camilla C. Travis (born 1989), elder dau of Professor Simon P.L. Travis, FRCP. of Knights' Spill, Oxfordshire, by his wife the former Pamela J. Evans.


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