Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flora Rose Aurelia Bonas (born 2015)

_.Katie Helen Bonas (nee Evans), wife of Henry Alexander Bonas (b 1976), gave birth to a daughter, Flora Rose Aurelia, 9 June, 2015, a sister for Matilda Emily Florence, who was born 10 May, 2013.

 Henry Bonas is the youngest son of Mr Jeffrey Bonas (b 1944), of Burnham Norton, Norfolk, and Mrs Elspeth Bonas (nee McCagie, b 1945), of Aldsworth, Gloucestershire, and is a half-brother of Prince Harry's former girlfriend, the actress Cressida Curzon Bonas (b 1989). 

Katie Bonas is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Nigel Evans, of Littleton, Wiltshire.


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