Friday, February 27, 2015

Guy Aylmer George Tryon (born 2015)

_.Dr the Hon Katherine Anne Lyon Tryon (nee Carroll, b 1981), wife of the Hon Charles George Barrington Tryon (b 15 May 1976), godson of the Prince of Wales, gave birth to a son, Guy Aylmer George, 30 January, 2015, a brother for Corinna Rose, who was b 6 Feb, 2012, and for Eloise Clementine, who was b 15 Mar, 2013.

The Hon Charles Tryon,  sometime Page of Honour to the Queen, is the eldest son of the 3rd Baron Tryon (b 26 May 1940) and the late (Kanga) Baroness Tryon, of Calne, Wiltshire, and Dr Tryon is the only daughter of Mr Peter R. Carroll, of Sandwich, Kent, by his wife the former  Paulline J.Lyon.


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