Thursday, January 01, 2015

William Shand Kydd 1937-2014

_. William Shand Kydd, who has died (Dec 2014) aged 77, was the younger half-brother of Peter Shand Kydd, sometime step-father of Diana, Princess of Wales.

He was born in 1937, a son of Norman Shand Kydd (1895-1962), of Horton Hall, Horton, Buckinghamshire. 

Bill Shand Kydd married Christina Muriel Duncan, a daughter of Maj Charles Moorhouse Duncan, by his wife the former Thelma Winifred Watts, and a sister of Veronica Countess of Lucan, wife of the elusive 7th Earl of Lucan. He leaves 2 children, Caspar and Lucinda. His daughter is Lady Kleinwort, wife of Sir Richard Kleinwort, 7th Baronet.


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