Thursday, April 03, 2014

+ Patricia Ann Merlyn Rodney

_. (Patricia) Ann Merlyn Rodney, who died at her home 29 March, 2014,  was the widow of Cdr Nigel Robert Harley Rodney, RN (1917-92), scion of the Barons Rodney (Baron, GB, cr 1782).

She was born Patricia Ann Merlyn Ashburner, daughter of Lt-Col Harley Wentworth Ashburner, DSO, and married Nigel Rodney, in 1946. She leaves four children, Nicholas (b 1947), Christopher (b 1957), Julia (b 1951) and Emma (b 1952).

The elder son is third cousin and heir pres to the 11th Baron Rodney, who was born in 1999.


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