Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nancy, Baroness Bagot, widow of the 6th Baron

_. Nancy, Baroness Bagot, who died 27 February, 2014, was the second wife, and widow, of Caryl Ernest, 6th Baron Bagot (1877-1961). She was the former Nancy Constance  Spicer, daughter of Francis Aldborough Spicer, of Sydney, NSW, and married 1 March, 1940, the then Caryl Ernest Bagot, who succeeded his cousin as 6th Baron, 5 Apr, 1946.(The peerage was cr GB, 1780). There was a daughter of the marriage, Caryl Rosemary, born 7 Dec, 1960. She was widowed, 5 Aug 1961, when the peerage passed to a cousin of the 6th peer.

Lady Bagot married 2ndly, 14 Sept, 1965, George Kenneth Whitehead, of Blithfield Hall, Rugeley, Staffordshire.


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