Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ward/Sevier marriage

_.The marriage took place 24 July, 2011, of the Hon Leander Grenville Ward (born 20 Oct, 1977), son of the 4th Earl of Dudley (Peerage of the UK, cr 1860), of Kensington, London, by his second wife the former Maureen Swanson (Countess of Dudley), & Miss Laura Juliet Sevier (born 1979), daughter of the late Mr Roy J.R. Sevier (b 1948, d.), by his former wife the former Patricia Margaret Sanderson (now Patricia, Lady Walker-Okeover), of Stowell, Dorset, who married secondly, 1993, Sir Peter Walker-Okeover, 4th Bt 1947-2003, &c. -=-

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