Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kenyon-Slaney: twin boys

_. Christina Kenyon-Slaney (nee Macmillan), wife of Rupert David Kenyon-Slaney (b 1975), scion of the Barons Kenyon, gave birth to twin sons, Robert Duncan Thomas, and Orlando William Percy, 14 August, 2013. Rupert David is the son of Robert (Robin) Ivan KENYON-SLANEY (1926-84), scion of the barons KENYON and, through his mother, gs of the 3rd Duke of ABERCORN) by his wife Meriel Rose Afia, LVO (b 1940, now Mrs Peter Afia, of Hatton, Shropshire), dau of Capt Joseph Gurney Fowell BUXTON, scion of the Baronets of that name & Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Alexandra the Hon Lady Ogilvy). Christina is a daughter of Professor and Mrs Duncan Macmillan, of Edinburgh. -=-

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