Saturday, November 03, 2012

Violet Loveday Elizabeth Paravicini

._Katharine Paravicini (nee Acland), wife of Jack V.R. Paravicini (b 1981), gave birth to a daughter, Violet Loveday Elizabeth, 22 October, 2012, Jack Paravicini is a son of John C.R. (Jonny) Paravicini (b 1952), of Ibworth, Hampshire, by his wife the former ____Phillimore, and Katharine is a daughter of Mr Peter Acland, of Virginia, USA, and Mrs Amanda Acland, of Gittisham, Devon. 

Jack Paravcini is a grandson of Colonel Vincent Paravicini by his wife the former Jacqueline Christine Swinnerton Dyer (b posthumously 1918), scion of the Swinnerton Dyer Baronets (cr 1678). 


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