Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bagot / Kelly engagement

._The engagement was announced 5 Sept 2012 between Richard A. Bagot, 
eldest son of Charles Henry (Hal) Bagot (b. 1946), of Levens Hall, 
Cumbria, by his wife Susan Elizabeth Ross, & Naomi G.M. Kelly, 
dau of Mr & Mrs Martin Kelly, of Winchfield, Hampshire. 

Richard Baot is a grandson of Oliver Robin Bagot, 
[1914-2000], of Levens Hall, who had been born surnamed Gaskell, of a 
landed family, in 1914, son of Henry Melville Gaskell, JP, and his 
wife, Dorothy Bagot, scion of the Barons Bagot. He assumed, by Royal 
Licence, the surname of Bagot in lieu of his patronymic, in 1936. 

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