Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lord Brownlow's heir weds

_.The marriage took place, 23 June 2010, at Kensington & Chelsea Church, London, between the Hon Peregrine Edward Quintin Cust (b 9 July 1974), scion of the Barons Brownlow (GB, 1776), only son of the 7th Baron Brownlow (b 25 Mar 1936), of Jersey, Channel Islands, by his wife the former Shirlie Yeomans, & Vanessa Monica Threapleton-Horrocks, only daughter of Dr Roy William Horrocks, of Brentwood,
Essex, by his wife Candy Maria Madueno.


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Mommy of Terrors said...

I am trying to find out my family tree history, i am led to beleive i am related to Peregrine Cust, from my grandfather's side, as i was left the Cust family history books in my grandfather's will dating back to the 1800's up till early 1900's, but who knows!!! how would i go about finding out? My grandfather was also Cust. how does one get in touch to enquire about this?