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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

George Arthur Wingfield-Stratford-Johnstone

Elizabeth Wingfield-Stratford-Johnstone, wife of Dickon Wingfield-
Stratford-Johnstone (b 1978), gave birth to a son, George Arthur, 27
May, 2010,a brother for Alfred Crocker, who was b 23 January, 2008.

Dickon is the 2nd son of Esme Edward Melville Wingfield-Stratford-
Johnstone (b 1950), by his wife the the former
Sara Birch Reynardson, scion of that LG family. Dickon's paternal
grandfather, Lt-Col Norman David Melville Johnstone, MBE, late the
Grenadier Guards, married in 1950, as her 2nd husband (her 1st was
Maj. Richard Wrottesley afterwards the 5th Baron Wrottesley), Roshnara
Barbara Wingfield-Stratford (b 1916), scion of the Viscounts
Powerscourt, dau of Esme Cecil Wingfield-Stratford (1882-1971).


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