Monday, October 26, 2009

Death of Capt Robin Andrew Stormonth Darling

_.Capt Robin Andrew Stormonth Darling, late the 9th Queen's Royal
Lancers, who died 17 October, 2009, aged 83, was a scion of the LG
family of Lednathie; b 1 Oct 1926, son of Patrick Stormonth Darling
(1886-1960), of Balvarran, Enochdhu, by Blairgowrie, Perthshire, by
his 2nd wife the former Edith Mary Ormston Lamb (scion of Lamb of
Knighton Manor LG) and widow of Lt Cyril Cameron; soldier and member
of the Stock Exchange; married (i) 3 Oct 1956, Susan Marion Clifford-
Turner, by whom he had issue, viz: - Andrew Charles John, b 3 Apr
1959; Lorne Robin b 21 July 1963, and Rosanna Jane, b 18 Dec 1957. he
further married Carola_____; and left another son, Rory. He was
stepfather of Christoph and Edward. Grandfather of Ivo, Asa, Doone and
Kinvara. Funeral at Ballintuim Church, Strathardle, Perthshire on
Friday 30th October 2009.


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Unknown said...

Your facts are wrong. Rory (born on 2nd March 1968) was the third son of Robin Stormonth Darling and Susan Clifford-Turner. Robin Stormonth Darling did not marry his third wife, Carola, until 1981.