Friday, July 31, 2009

Son for the Earl and Countess of Aboyne

Sophia Gordon, styled Countess of Aboyne, wife of Alistair Granville
Gordon, styled Earl of Aboyne, (b. 26 July, 1973), son & heir of the
13th Marquis of Huntly (Premier Marquess of Scotland), gave birth to a
son, Cosmo Alistair, 27 July, 2009, a brother for Lady India May, who
was b 8 Aug 2006, and for Lady Beatrice Lily, who was b 15 Jan 2008.

Is the young lad to be styled Lord Gordon of Strathavon & Glenlivet
(Peerage of Scotland) or Baron Meldrum (Peerage UK????)

Lady Aboyne is the former Sophia Cunningham, daughter of Mr and Mrs
Michael Cunningham, of Denbighshire.


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