Thursday, May 14, 2009

David Heaton-Ellis (c1969-2009)

David P. Heaton-Ellis, who died 10 May, 2009, aged 39, from Motor Neurone Disease, was a scion of the LG family of Heaton-Ellis, of Wyddiall Hall, was b circa 1969, yst son of Lt-Col Peter Richard Heaton-Ellis, OBE (b 31 Aug 1923), head of the LG family and the late Mrs Peter Heaton-Ellis (nee Prudence Elizabeth Woodbine Parish, scion of that LG family?), of Chittern, Wiltshire. David married Sophie O. Cook, youngest daughter of Mr Nicholas Cook and Mrs Josephine Cook, of Woodnewton, Northamptonshire, and was father of a son, Geordie.

David's eldest brother, Michael James Brabazon Heaton-Ellis, b 22 May 1958, died from motor neurone disease, aged 42.

Funeral at St Lawrence Church, Ecchinswell on Friday 22 May 2009.


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