Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron 2002-2009

Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron, who was b 8 Apr, 2002, 1st son of the Rt Hon David Cameron (b. 1966), PC, MP, Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, and a descendant of King Willian IV and Mrs Jordan, by his wife, Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield (b 1971), scion of the Sheffield Baronets, died 25 Feb, 2009, aged 6.

The Camerons have a dau, Nancy, and a 2nd son, Arthur Elwen, b 14 February, 2006.
Mrs Cameron is the eldest daughter of Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet, and his first wife Annabel (now Viscountess Astor), and is a descendant of Charles II and Nell Gwynn.


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