Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Beatrice Merry Chetwode

Francesca M. Chetwode (nee Sainsbury), wife of James Nicholas Chetwode, [b. 1975], gave birth to a daughter, Beatrice Merry, 23 November, 2006, a sister for Freddie Nicholas, who was b. 31 July, 2004. Mr Chetwode is the fifth son of the Hon. Christopher Roger Chetwode, by his wife, the former Hon. Philippa Mary Imogen Brand, of Hampshire, & Mrs C is the elder daughter of Mr Peter Sainsbury, of Northleach, and Mrs Judy Sainsbury, of Duntisbourne Abbots. James Chetwode is a gt-grandson paternally of Field Marshal the 1st Baron Chetwode, and a grandson maternally of the 5th Viscount Hampden.

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