Monday, August 28, 2006

Susan Hohler

Susan Hohler (nee Hood), who died 1 Aug 2006, at Gloucester, Virginia, was a scion of the Viscounts Hood (GB 1796).. She was b. 1917, as Eveline Suzanne Hood, daughter of the Hon. Neville Albert Hood, CMG, DSO, RGA (1872-1948), by his wife the former Eveline Mary Broad. She married in 1945, as his second wife, Henry Arthur Frederick Hohler, CMG, descended from the Viscounts Gort (cr. 1816 Ireland), by whom she had 2 daughters, Katherine and Mabel.

Source: Daily Telegraph 7 Aug 2006


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David Alan Grierson (aka Lyon) said...

(Sir) Robert Grierson of Lag, "Auld Lag", born 1657, Farm of BARQUHAR, Dumfries-shire, Scotland; died December 29th, 1733, Estate of ROCKHALL, Collin, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, buried 31st December, 1733, Old Dunscore Parish Cemetery.

Sir Robert married Lady Henrietta Douglas, sister of the Duke of Queensbury, Sir Robert was arrested in 1696 [Ref. No. JC27/79, "Process in trial of (Sir) Robert Grierson of Lagg for false coining"], and later accused of conspiracy to counterfeit money.

(Sir) William Grierson, 2nd Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, born c1675, Rockall [sic], Annary, Scotland. (Sir) William Grierson died in 1760, d.s.p.; having married to (Dame) Anne Musgrave, born July 4th, 1676, Washington, Durham County, England, was christened on July 4th, 1676, Washington, Durham County, England; marriage date was September 1st, 1720 in Aspartria, Cumberland, England. She was the daughter of (Sir) Richard Musgrave, Baronet, of Hayton. She died "At Rockhall, December 17th, 1749" (Scots' Magazine). He was captured & taken prisoner with his brother, Gilbert, at the 1st Jacobite Rebellion (The London Gazette, November 26th, 1715).

Sir Robert's eldest son, William died without heir and his younger brother, James Grierson's son [James having died April, 1721], Robert Grierson then became the 3rd Baronet of Lag. Whenever (Sir) Robert, James's son, the 3rd Baronet died, d.s.p, in 1765, the Baronetcy would have fallen to his next younger brother, John Grierson, of Dalgoner, & "sometime Apothecary in Carlisle", ["Bond - Archibald Cutlare of Orroland borrowed money from Mr. John GREAR [(GREIRSONE)], son of SIR ROBERT GRIERSON OF LAG, [SCOTLAND"] [in] 1709.],.. however, John died in c1730, so it then fell to (Sir) William's younger brother, (Sir) Gilbert Grierson, who at this time became the 4th Baronet of Lag, and succeeded as chief of the Clan Grierson.

(Sir) Gilbert Grierson, 4th Baronet of Lag died on 7th February, 1766, at Dalkeith, (Scots' Magazine) Midlothian, Scotland. (Sir) Gilbert Grierson was Chamberlain to the Duke & Duchess of Buccleuch, c1722-1765. "Mr Gilbert Grierson, chamberlain to the Duke & Duchess of Buccleuch of his intromissions with arrears due by tenants of lordship of Dalkeith and barony of East Park alias Smeaton", (National Archives of Scotland).

(Sir) Gilbert married 25th November, 1737, at Dalkeith to Elizabeth Maitland, dau. of Richard Maitland & his wife, Elizabeth Bell. Both (Sir) Gilbert, & his wife, Elizabeth were buried at Mouswald Parish Church Cemetery. The 2nd, & 4th Baronets were the children of the 1st Baronet, (Sir) Robert, born 1657, known as "Auld Lag". The 3rd Baronet was the son of James, son of the 1st Baronet, but James died d.s.p in April, 1721, & his Will: "James Grierson, February 5th, 1729 - CC8/8/92 - 2nd Son of/to (Sir) Robert Grierson, of Lagg (Testament Dative & Inventory)".

At this time, (Sir) Gilbert's son, (Sir) Robert Grierson, born 1733 became the 5th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, married Margaret Dalziel, 18th October, 1777, Dumfries, Scotland & had a large family. (Sir) Robert Grierson lived an unusually long life, dying on 8th August, 1839, aged 106 (The Times: London, Middlesex, England), was buried at Mouswald Parish Church Cemetery (M.I., Grierson Burial Chamber, Mouswald).

The senior male of his sons, then became the next Baronet of Lag & Rockhall: (Sir) Alexander Gilbert Grierson, born 1777, Dumfries, Scotland; died 14th March, 1840, 6th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, married Elizabeth Dalziel in 1803, only dau. of the (Honorable) Richard Dalzell, of Glenae, eldest son of 5th Earl of Carnwath & had issue.

The senior male of his sons, then became the next Baronet of Lag & Rockhall: (Sir) Richard Grierson, 7th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, born 1804; died May 5th, 1846, Mouswald, Dumfries, Scotland; married (Lady) Helen BELL & she died on October 2nd, 1854, & they were buried at the Parish of Mouswald Church. They had a son, but he died as an infant, so the baronetcy then passed to his younger brother, Alexander William Grierson, born 1806, Dalton, Dumfries, Scotland.

(Sir) Alexander William Grierson, 8th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, 78th Ross-shire Highlanders, married Anne DAY, August 12th, 1847, Westminster, Saint Clement Danes, London, England; she was the youngest daughter of Robert Day, of Hampshire [aka Hants], she died 3rd January, 1891 & he died on 27th December, 1879, "in his garden at Southsea, Hants, England."

The next baronet was the son of (Commander) William Charles Grierson, born 12th July, 1815; died 8th February, 1871, Thornhill, Bittern, near Southampton, England and (Commander) William Charles Grierson was the son of (Sir) Alexander Gilbert Grierson, 6th Baronet.

(Sir) Alexander Davidson Grierson, 9th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, Justice of the Peace, Dumfries-shire, (Major) & ("Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel"), 3rd Battalion, Scottish Borderers, served South African War, was born 30th November, 1858, Dumfries-shire, Scotland; died 1st April, 1912, London, England; his marriage date was on 7th September, 1882 to (Lady) Fannie White, daughter of (Major) George White, of Westcombe Park, Blackheath. She died 1st February, 1941.

The senior male of his sons then became the 10th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall: (Sir) Robert Gilbert White Grierson, 10th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, (Major) 1/5th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, formerly (Lieutenant) Royal Scots, A.D.C. Personal Staff, served in World War I, born on September 27th, 1883, Morden, Surrey, England & he died on June 16th, 1957, England; having married to (Lady) Hilda Stewart, 2nd daughter of James Stewart, of Surbiton, marriage date of September 13th, 1911 & she died on May 17th, 1962. They had one son, Richard Douglas Grierson who then became the 11th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall.

(Sir) Richard Douglas Grierson, 11th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall, was born on June 25th, 1912, Brighton, East Sussex, England & died on May 5th, 1987, d.s.p. [he was unmarried, & died without children].

The next baronet of Lag & Rockhall was the son of (Lieutenant-Colonel) Alexander George William Grierson, born 27th October, 1884, Croydon, Morden, Surrey, England; died 29th March, 1951, Dover, Kent, England, who was the younger son of (Sir) Alexander Davidson Grierson, 9th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall.

(Sir) Michael John Bewes Grierson, 12th Baronet of Lag & Rockhall - he was born on July 24th, 1921; he married (Lady) VALERIE ANNE WRIGHT on April 17th, 1971; daughter of Russell Wright of Gidea Park, Essex.

issue, one, viz.:

[1] Sarah Anne Grierson, born 13th September, 1973; married in 2001 to Richard Quentin Miller, of Beckenham, Kent, England.

issue one, viz.:

[A] Thomas McKinley Alexander Miller, born 6th November, 2002.

Note: (Sir) Michael leaves no male heir at his death, so then this barony, for the first time in many years will cross to another line of the family, and may even revert way back to an earlier line, as yet undiscovered © 2007.

Lord Lyon's Office, dated 2006 ~ "With regard to the descent of the baronetcy, the 1st Baronet was created in 1685 with the remainder to his heirs male whatsoever & this would allow a baronet to come from a generation prior to that of the 1st Baronet. ~ The way in which it works is that one would work back from now through each generation to find the nearest heir male. On looking at the pedigree as it appears in the general reference works, it does seem that there have been relatively few males since the 1st Baronet and they have not left a large number of descendents and I suspect that it may well be that the next Baronet would come from an earlier generation."